Coming - Summer 2023 - Book - "Animation for Everyone!"

Animation is an artform. Like drawing, everyone should have the opportunity to animate. Good or bad, if you enjoy drawing, you draw. Animation should be the same. I enjoy helping people learn this craft and show them tricks to make it better (and more fun).
My method of trying and learning animation has been used in several highschools and with several highschool students. One highschool has been hosting my assignments for several years now. It is always fun to see what they produce. I am grateful for the faculty of these schools who care enough about their student to seek me out: Peel Virtual Secondary School, Port Credit Secondary School, Garth Webb Secondary School, Virtual Second School (Halton).
Release Date: Summer 2023.

To allow more people to try animating and start their path in this exciting career, I have written a book (Animation for Everyone). The book covers my approach to learning animation and learning some of the software that can be used. In keeping with the theme of "Animation for Everyone" some of the software recommended is free software.

Building a mountain of knowledge,